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Remote monitoring has many benefits for asthma and COPD patients, as it helps trigger earlier assessment and treatment. Read the full blog to know more!

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Are you keen to learn the benefits of remote patient monitoring for asthma and COPD? Discover the Safey Spirometer and find out how you can take better control of your condition.

The need for remote patient monitoring for asthma and COPD is becoming increasingly more important in current times. With a rise in patients seeking primary care, it’s crucial to look at ways in which healthcare access can be provided outside of physical primary care facilities.

Remote patient monitoring has been shown to help trigger earlier assessment and treatment, as well as helping to improve compliance to various patient medications. On top of this, certain studies have indicated the introduction of remote patient monitoring for asthma and COPD has significantly helped to reduce the number of ER admissions and hospitalizations.

Helping to track asthma and the effectiveness of control, remote patient monitoring can also help to empower those living with such chronic respiratory conditions and help keep patients engaged.  Patient-centric devices can be the first step in managing conditions more independently and accurately at home and on the go.

What is remote patient monitoring and what is it used for?

Remote patient monitoring for asthma and COPD encompasses the use of digital technologies to collect health data from patients either at home or another remote location and send the information safely and securely via electronic means to the relevant health care providers. This data can then be used for assessments and medication, leading to improved patient outcomes and better quality of care.

Helping patients to take a breather from time-consuming in-person medical appointments and providing the ability to manage their own care team on the go, remote monitoring devices such as the Safey Spirometer can significantly assist. Both affordable and portable, it combines the perfect blend of hardware and software to bring peak flow and spirometer data to a remote patient monitoring platform.

For those living with chronic respiratory conditions, remote patient monitoring for asthma and COPD can provide a crucial opportunity for more independence and the ability to self-report vital statistics, such as Peak Flow and Lung Capacity.

What are the benefits of home care monitoring?

When it comes to remote patient monitoring for asthma, there is an abundance of benefits, from real-time results to an increased sense of ownership over your condition. We’ve broken down the main advantages of home care monitoring as below:

Ease of use

Remote patient monitoring for asthma and COPD using the Safey Spirometer device is simple. It’s quick to assemble, connects wirelessly and comes in a convenient compact size, meaning you can easily use it on the go.

One such study looking at the feasibility of remote patient monitoring for asthma patients was shown to be highly effective, with 96 per cent of patients finding remote monitoring equipment easy or very easy to use.

Furthermore, 92 per cent of patients stated they would use the equipment again in the future. This demonstrates how remote patient monitoring for asthma and COPD could be important in reducing morbidity rates as well as improving treatment outcomes.

Up to date, accurate data

Quite simply placing the power in the hands of the patient, the Safey Spirometer is as handy as remote monitoring devices come. What’s more, is that you can trust the data it provides.

For a start, it’s an FDA cleared peak flow meter device as well as being HIPPA compliant. So, not only can the patient feel confident in the knowledge that the device is safe, but it also ensures the security of sensitive medical information.

Patients looking into remote patient monitoring for asthma and COPD will need to ensure the self-reporting of key medical readings such as respiratory and heart rates to a patient’s vital signs, as below:

  • PEF– peak flow measurement

A quick test to measure the air flowing out of the lungs.

  • VC– vital capacity

The measurement of the maximum amount of air that can be fully inhaled or exhaled from your lungs.

  • FVC/FEV– forced vital capacity/forced expiratory volume

the total amount of air exhaled during the FEV test/A lung function test to measure how much air a person can exhale during a forced breath.

forced Expiratory Volume in the first, second and third second of the forced breath.

Reduction in medical visits

Revolutionising chronic respiratory care, utilising remote patient monitoring for asthma and COPD, such as the Safey Spirometer, can lead to a reduced number of routine doctor and hospital visits. This can lead to an increase in practice capacity and less pressure on the healthcare system as a whole.

The Safey Spirometer syncs seamlessly to the Safey smartphone app via Bluetooth to ensure handy self-reporting, constantly updated data and clinical-grade accuracy on the go. Better yet, the real-time patient results can be viewed in one handy dashboard. Thus making it easy for patients living with asthma and COPD to view the data needed to keep on top of their condition.

Improved healthcare management

Using a peak flow meter and lung Spirometer to provide real-time data to a qualified care team and family members means an increased opportunity to make faster and better decisions in relation to a patient’s care. The chance to share access to patient data quickly and accurately is a crucial benefit of remote patient monitoring for asthma and COPD.

It also provides a smart platform to doctors and other medical professionals, ensuring an accurate snapshot of a patient’s lung function at any point. Reducing the number of physical appointments, it also helps to provide faster care in times of need.

The Safey Spirometer is both affordable and portable, giving patients the confidence to measure crucial medical readings, such as lung capacity and heart rate, with the ability to send real-time data to doctors from any remote location and help to coordinate an effective care plan. Get in touch with the team to find out more about how remote patient monitoring for asthma and COPD can benefit you today.